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James R. McClanahan II

James R. McClanahan II

CEO & President

Rick McClanahan has been working in the financial sector for over 15 years, helping clients protect their assets and invest wisely. In fact, he has assisted over 400 retirees to safely invest more than $15,000,000 into secure investments.

He has advised Executive Retirees of IBM, AT&T, Duracel, Springs, and Comporium just to name a few. Rick is the President and Senior Financial Consultant of Legacy First Financial Group, and an expert in helping retirees preserve their assets and increase their income.

After graduating from high school Mr. McClanahan served 8 years on three different ships in the United States Navy and is a proud veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. While serving our country he worked in the finance department where he got his start assisting other service members with their finances. During his time in the military he was also able to complete his undergraduate studies as well marry and begin raising 3 wonderful children.

Mr. McClanahan's philosophy is that every client is different and should be treated as such. More importantly, a good advisor must find out exactly what each client needs and then do the homework to find the solution. Too often advisors try to force clients into certain products or canned solutions just to make a sale. This results in an unsatisfied client with a very happy broker.

To avoid this situation, Mr. McClanahan offers this advice:

"Never buy anything on the first meeting. Never allow an advisor to pressure you into doing something you simply do not feel comfortable doing or do not completely understand. And never fall victim to the scare tactics that are commonly used. If your needs or concerns have been expressed clearly, and your advisor is any good at all, the solution should be obvious and no pressure will be necessary. Finally, always remember that it is your future you are discussing, not your advisors (Even though at times, it may not seem that way). Make sure the intent and focus is only on helping you achieve your goals and dreams, and as a referee would say before the bell rings - protect yourself at all times!"